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Thermal Technology company was founded in 2001, when we started examining carbon as a resistive element. After numerous tests and scientific studies, we then started testing carbon as a heating element for “heating covers for tires” in motorcycle racing, now called commonly called motorcycle tire warmers.

By the end of 2003, we started production of motorcycle racing tires and heating covers for industry use.

In 2004, Thermal Technology became the legal partner of a successful team in Formula 1 racing.


In 2005, we started using our carbon technology to heat floors. The first system of this type was produced in Romania. That winter, from 2005-2006, Thermal Technology produced 2750 sqm of material for heating floors. After inventing our new surface heating technology, we tested the functionality, thermal potential, and electrical consumption of both indoor and outdoor heating systems (multilayer and mesh).

After that, Thermal Technology focused its attention on temperature electrical control, integration of the heating systems in the wall and gypsum panel, and making electrical radiators with low consumption. In 2006, Thermal Technology launched its products to the Italian market, and was received with positive reception due to the low consumption, ecological type, and simple installation of our products. Interest in Thermal Technology products soon spread across the rest of Europe. 

In 2008, our heating systems were presented in a modular version, which was easy to install, functional and effective, and ideal for DIY racers. Shortly after, our Genius Carbon brand was born.

Today, Thermal Technology is a global leader in innovation in heating systems and technologies and works with over 100 professional racing teams in MotoGP and Superbike Championships. In 2021, we officially launched in the United States and offer our motorcycle tire warmers at select retail stores and online.

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