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Thermal Technology products are conceived to assure an uniform tread temperature.


Material and methods used are made with attention to detail in order to get a tyre warmers much more insulated.



Thermal Technology Carbon Fiber tyre warmers are distinguished by their reliability. In fact they can be twisted or folded without damage the heating element. Our tyre warmers unlike the traditional warmers that generally use metal cables, are much more resistant. The Carbon Fibre do not collapse or break at the slightest stroke.

Thermal Technology tyre warmers, made with materials provided for RoHs directive, guarantee a great electric energy saving.


Thermal Technology is an innovative company in the heating sector. The company has an unique and important experience and competence in applying the carbon as a heating element. After an intense survey studies and experiments the company is capable of producing sustainable heating elements with a low consumption. The carbon fiber heating systems by Thermal Technology are patented and constructed using special materials of high quality. In order to offer warranty and maximum safety, all the produts are tested and patented.


Carbon fiber used for heating

The Carbon Fiber:

  • is sustainable

  • does not expand at high temperature

  • has the same efficiency regardless temperature conditions

  • does not oxide

  • is flexible

  • does not produce electromagnetic emissions

  • is recyclable

  • has an increased thermal conductibility

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